Interior Design Courses in Delhi at SPA

Best for Interior Design Diploma Course in Delhi

  • Looking at the upcoming market for Interior Designing, the Syllabus specially designed by skilled Professionals.
  • The Syllabus is focusing on the fundamentals of Architecture and Interiors as well as on the recent development in the industry.
  • It is only possible with regular Guest lectures from the skilled professionals working in the industry.
  • Regular site visits are the key for practical knowledge.
  • One Live Project and One Month Training.

Interior Designing Course FAQs


What is the eligibility criteria for Interior Diploma course?

As it is a professional course it is always better to have a educational background. You can start it after 10th or 12th. It is expected that you should have scored at least 40% marks. Students could be from any stream.

Do i need to have 12th Degree compulsorily?

No, 12th is not must. You can purse it after 10th as well.

Is interior designing a good career for future?

As you are also aware that there are very less interior designer in India. While the demand is high. The global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023, and it is forecast to grow by 2023. So, it is a good career to pursue.

Is interior design a stressful career option?

It really depends on how you choose your clients and how much experience you have. As you give more time in this industry you will find out how you can delegate your work and create system that can work for you. Eventually you can manage it.

Is it worth pursuing a graduate degree in interior design?

As demand of interior designers is growing. It is always better to have a graduate degree in interior designing.

How can I become a professional interior designer?

Practicing consistently can certainly makes your understanding better and that will reflect in your work as well. But you need to be a good learner as well. This is the reason we provide workshop to upgrade your knowledge. If you upgrade yourself with current market requirement and practice ethically you will certainly become a professional interior designer.

Is it worth pursuing a diploma degree in interior design?

Diploma in interior designing give you a faster way to enter into industry. In this way you can save your time and start practicing things that you learned. Being Interior designers, you are free to pursue your graduation and post-graduation in interior designing while learning practically. So, it is worth pursuing a diploma in interior design.

What type of coaching do interior designers take?

Most of Interior designer start their career with Degree & Diploma courses and practical coaching. Afterword they keep themselves upgraded with Workshop, Seminars & Industry guidelines.

What are the fees for an interior designing course?

Diploma ---90000 per annum

Degree ---- 50000 per annum

Can i become interior designer in 1 Lakh?

Yes, you can join our one year professional diploma, its precise syllabus and practical based learning can make you a perfect designer.

Can i become interior designer in 2 years?

Yes, our two year advance diploma gives you an opportunity to become an interior designer with added quality of architecture details. It’s very important to know the building construction to better design its interiors.